Media Interest

Black miners heritage is now featured in the following TV broadcast programmes, short films/videos, print publications, books, radio, podcast broadcasts, online & print articles, blogs and vlogs:

Thank you to all our media partnerships, contributors, volunteers and the public.

  1. Wales’ Black Miners, ​​​​​co-production in collaboration with BBC Wales & Cardiff Productions, October 2020
  2. BBC Bargain Hunt Nottingham 13, series 50, 2018
  3. BBC Inside Out East Midlands, ‘Brothers Beneath the Surface’ news feature, 2017
  4. BBC Class Clips KS2 – Mac Williams, working in the coal mining industry 2021
  5. BBC Teach Black History Stories, featured in BBC Bitesize Learning Zone: Storytelling, in collaboration with CTVC Productions 2021 and
  6. Channel 4 News ‘Windrush Miners Hold Reunion’ 2018
  7. ITV Tyne Tees, October 2020
  8. ITV Look North, October 2020
  9. BBC Wales News article October 2020
  10. ITV Calendar (Yorkshire TV) news, 15th October 2019
  11. NOTTS TV 2019
  12. Sharuna Sagar TV
  13. ITV Calendar, news feature, Windrush Generation Remembered, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, 22 June 2021
  1. Woodhorn Mining Museum
  2. Kirklees TV, Digging Deep Exhibition
  3. Kirklees TV, Jamaica high Commission for the UK visits Digging Deep Exhibition
  4. Norma Gregory , Digging Deep Exhibition promotional video/vlog
  5. National Coal Mining Museum ( archive collections)
  6. Digging Deep documentary (59 mins) by Nottingham News Centre (2018)
  7. Skin & Coal documentary by Claudine Booth (52 mins, 1986/7)) Concord Media
  8. BLACK MINERS MUSEUM Black Miners Heritage Representations in Art
  9. BLACK MINERS MUSEUM ‘Mining Migration’ Black miner stained glass window making with Stella Chadwick
  10. BLACK MINERS MUSEUM Coal Mining History, Diverse Narratives & Perspectives
  11. BLACK MINERS MUSEUM Diverse Heritage and the Community
  1. The Guardian newspaper, article ‘Ten black history events that should be taught to every pupil’, 11th October 2020. See no.7, Britain’s black miners
  2. Runnymede Trust
  3. The lost story of Britain’s Black miners by Belinda Liversedge with interview contributions
  4. Nottingham Post Live, article by Keimae Blake, 6th October 2021
  5. BBC News article, Digging Deep documentary screening October 2020
  6. Historic England
  7. The Voice Newspaper
  8. The Voice Newspaper
  9. Nottingham Post Live
  10. ChronicleLive News, North of England East
  11. Black History Month listing
  12. The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
  13. MEDIUM online magazine
  14. EDITION online magazine, London
  15. LEFTLION newspaper, p.27 #119 November 2019
  16. LEFTLION newspaper online
  17. Toronto Caribbean magazine (print and online versions)
  18. Sandford Cascade NLHF Project
  19. North East Bylines, Julia Mazza (writer)
  20. Nottingham Post, stain glass window article
  21. BBC article, ‘Nottingham Black Miners History project launched’
  22. NOTTS TV
  23. FRIEZE Contemporary Art and Culture magazine, No. 217 March 2021, p. 61
NEW BOOKS (Contributions to)
  1. Jamaicans in Nottingham, Narratives and Reflections by Norma Gregory ( Hansib Publications, 2015)
  2. Banners and Beyond: People, Parades and Protest in the Nottinghamshire Coalfield by Dr David Amos and Paul Fillingham. Edited by Gilbert Fillingham Thinkamigo Edition (2021)

  3. Narratives from Beyond the UK Reggae Bassline: The System is Sound (Palgrave Studies in the History of Subcultures and Popular Music) by by William ‘Lez’ Henry (Editor), Matthew Worley (Editor), 2020
  4. The Life of William Chong, A Windrush Passenger by Bishop James Stapleton OBE and Esther Stapleton-Stone (2021)
  5. David Amos, & Natalie Braber, Coal Mining in the East Midlands, pp112 & p.117, (2017)
  6. Hoxton Mini Press & British Journal of Photography Portraits of Britain, pp124-125, (2018)
  7. Paul Sng, Invisible Britain: Portraits of Hope and Resilience (2018)
  8. Arthur Cole, An Industry Now Lost: the Pride, Passion and Pain of Mining, p.60 (2018)
  9. The Oral History Society Journal: Vol.44, p.7, Autumn (2016)
  10. The Oral History Society Journal Vol.46, p.5 Spring (2018)
  11. Coal in the Blood, an East Midlands Coal Mining Anthology, Five Leaves Publications (2021), p136-138
  1. Norma Gregory /Digging Deep project contributed to podcasts leading to the production of: Historic England Irreplaceable: A History of England in 100 Places, 100 Places – Power, Protest & Progress (2018)
  2. BBC Leeds Radio, the Richard Stead Breakfast Show, 7th October 2019
  3. Community Conversations, City Arts Nottingham. A project led by Sasizo Phiri and Rachel Wilson Imogen Wilcocks
DIGGING DEEP is featured in the following broadcast media:
The Digging Deep HLF project has been of significant interest to the community as well as local and national broadcasters and media production organisations.
We wish to express sincere thanks for their valuable support, through various and unique print, radio, online and TV broadcast media productions.


Black Coal Miners – A Tribute to a Hidden Past BBC Bargain Hunt, episode 50 Nottingham 13

Notts TV Gedling Colliery 25th anniversary pit closure

BBC Inside Out East Midlands, ‘Brothers Beneath the Surface’ news feature Photo Video Miners’ Reunion 2018

If you would like the Digging Deep HLF heritage project to feature in your heritage focused, publication or broadcast, simply contact us for the potential to support your educational, media or heritage focused organisation.


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